1920 Horrors of the Heart Movie Download in Hindi 720p, 480p, Review

1920 Horrors of the Heart Movie Download 720p, 480p: Hold on tight, my friend, because the Indian horror film industry is about to give you a spine-tingling ride with their latest offering, “1920 Horrors of the Heart.” Get ready to dive into a world of bone-chilling terror as you watch this masterpiece unfold. Directed by the talented Krishna Bhatt and produced by the renowned Vikram Bhatt, this flick is the fifth installment in the widely-loved 1920 film series.

You know what that means, right? More thrills, more scares, and more haunting tales from different eras. Brace yourself for a gripping storyline packed with revenge and supernatural elements that’ll keep you glued to the edge of your seat. Get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions as this movie takes you on a journey you won’t soon forget. Buckle up, my friend, and prepare for an unforgettable, hair-raising experience!

1920 Horrors of the Heart (2023)

“1920 Horrors of the Heart” combines the genres of drama, family, and horror, creating a compelling blend that explores the depths of human emotions. Set in 1920s India, a time of social and political turmoil, the movie offers a unique backdrop for its spine-chilling tale.

1920 Horrors of the Heart Movie

The film’s technical aspects, including the captivating cinematography by Prakash Kutty, seamless editing by Kuldeep Mehan, and haunting music by Puneet Dixit, contribute to its atmospheric and immersive experience.

Movie Name1920 Horrors of the Heart
GenreHorror, Drama, Family
Directed byKrishna Bhatt | Mahesh Bhatt
Written bySuhrita Das
Produced byShweta Bothra
Edited byVikram Bhatt Kuldeep Mehan
StarringAvika Gor, Rahul Dev, Barkha Bisht, Danish Pandor, Randheer Rai, Ketaki Kulkarni, Naveen Singh
CinematographyAmit Behl, Avtar Gill Prakash
Production CompaniesKutty Motion Picture Capital, LoneRanger Productions
Distributed byUniseller Production Reliance Entertainment
Release dateJune 23, 2023
BudgetNot available
IMdb ratingNot available

1920 Horrors of the Heart Movie Cast

Get ready to be blown away by the incredible ensemble cast that breathes life into this cinematic masterpiece. Avika Gor leads the pack with her exceptional talent, accompanied by a stellar lineup of acclaimed actors who are here to leave an indelible mark.

Brace yourself for the magnetic performances of Rahul Dev, Barkha Bisht, Danish Pandor, Randheer Rai, Ketaki Kulkarni, Naveen Singh, Amit Behl, and Avtar Gill. These phenomenal artists bring their A-game and infuse each character with a profound depth that will take your breath away.

With their collective brilliance, they elevate the impact of the movie to new heights, ensuring an unforgettable experience that will resonate long after the credits roll. Prepare to be captivated by their extraordinary artistry as they weave a tale that will linger in your heart.

Avika GorMeghna, the protagonist who seeks revenge on her mother
Rahul DevArjun, Meghna’s love interest
Barkha BishtRadhika, Meghna’s mother who abandoned her and her father
Danish PandorDheeraj, Meghna’s father who committed suicide
Randheer RaiRakesh, Radhika’s current husband
Ketaki KulkarniShweta, Radhika’s daughter from her second marriage
Naveen SinghAditi, Radhika’s son from her second marriage
Amit BehlRaakeshh Dubey, a paranormal expert who helps Meghna
Avtar GillBhrigu Pandit, a priest who warns Meghna about the dangers of revenge

1920 Horrors of the Heart Movie Release Date and Time

Mark your calendars for the highly anticipated release of “1920 Horrors of the Heart” on June 23, 2023. The movie is set to hit theaters in India and various parts of Asia, offering audiences a chance to witness the bone-chilling tale unfold on the big screen.

With a runtime of 2 hours and 2 minutes, viewers can expect a gripping and intense cinematic experience.

1920 Horrors of the Heart Movie Trailer

If you’re curious to get a glimpse of the chilling atmosphere and intriguing storyline, the official trailer of “1920 Horrors of the Heart” was released on June 1, 2023, under the Zee Music Company.

YouTube video

The trailer teases audiences with the introduction of the main characters, the intense conflict between Meghna and Radhika, spine-tingling supernatural elements, and moments filled with suspense. The trailer leaves viewers craving for more, generating excitement and anticipation for the movie’s release.

1920 Horrors of the Heart Movie Story

Prepare yourself for a riveting journey into the depths of darkness with the enthralling storyline of “1920 Horrors of the Heart.” The tale revolves around Meghna, whose soul burns with an insatiable thirst for vengeance against her mother, Radhika.

Abandoned by Radhika and her father, Dheeraj, during her tender years, Meghna embarks on a treacherous path to uncover the truth. With every twist and turn, she unearths the heart-wrenching revelation of her father’s tragic demise, driven to the edge by Radhika’s betrayal on her twenty-first birthday.

Fuelled by an unrelenting determination, Meghna infiltrates her mother’s newfound family, stealthily weaving a web of destruction and despair. But little does she know that her sinister intentions have awakened an otherworldly force. Haunted by her father’s tormented spirit, Meghna finds herself ensnared in a realm where the line between reality and the supernatural blurs.

As the story unfolds, Meghna becomes a prisoner of her own vengeful desires, trapped in a chilling dance with fate and the paranormal. Gripped by a series of inexplicable phenomena, she grapples with the consequences of her choices and the haunting legacy of her past.

Prepare to be spellbound by this spellbinding narrative, where the boundaries of the human spirit are tested, and the shadows of the heart reveal their most malevolent secrets. Embrace the darkness and witness the tragic descent of a soul consumed by its own darkness.

1920 Horrors of the Heart Movie OTT Release Date

While the OTT release date of “1920 Horrors of the Heart” is yet to be announced by the makers, fans can anticipate the movie’s availability for streaming or downloading on popular platforms after its theatrical run. Stay tuned for updates on the OTT release, which will offer wider accessibility to viewers worldwide.

The release date of “1920 Horrors of the Heart” on OTT platforms is not yet confirmed. However, once the movie finishes its run in theaters, fans can expect it to be made available for streaming and downloading on popular platforms. Keep an eye out for updates on the OTT release, as it will provide broader access to viewers around the world.

How to Watch 1920 Horrors of the Heart Movie Online?

Once “1920 Horrors of the Heart” is released on OTT platforms, viewers can enjoy the movie online by subscribing to the respective platforms where it will be available. Keep an eye out for official announcements regarding its online release. While various options may arise, it’s essential to prioritize legal and ethical means of viewing to support the creators and maintain quality standards.

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1920 Horrors Of The Heart Full Movie Download MP4Moviez

If you’re a horror movie fan, then you’re familiar with 1920 Horrors of the Heart. It’s a great horror movie that you’ll want to watch more of. Now you can download it for free on MP4Moviez. It’s one of the biggest horror movies of all time.

The movie is fast-paced and will leave you on the edge of your seat. With its dark atmosphere and intense story, it’s a must-see for horror fans.

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How Can I Download 1920 Horrors of the Heart movie?

You can Google the movie name to download it.

Who is the music composer of “1920 Horrors of the Heart” movie?

The music for “1920 Horrors of the Heart” is composed by Puneet Dixit. With an impressive track record, Puneet Dixit infuses the movie with a haunting and atmospheric score, including standout songs like “Woh Kahani,” “Aye Zindagi,” and “Zaroori Hai.”

Who is the lead actress of “1920 Horrors of the Heart” movie?

Avika Gor takes on the lead role in “1920 Horrors of the Heart.” Known for her memorable performances in popular television shows like Balika Vadhu and Sasural Simar Ka, Avika Gor brings her talent and versatility to this thrilling cinematic experience.


1920 Horrors of the Heart movie download promises to be an enthralling addition to the horror genre, with its captivating blend of drama, family dynamics, and supernatural elements. Set against the backdrop of 1920s India, the film’s talented cast, gripping plot, and technical prowess ensure a chilling and immersive cinematic experience.

As the release date approaches, anticipation mounts and audiences eagerly await the opportunity to witness the dark and haunting tale unfold. Share your thoughts and excitement about the movie, and prepare for a journey into the depths of revenge and the mysteries of the heart.

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