Good Night (2023) Movie Download in Hindi 720p, 480p, Review

Good Night Movie Download in Hindi 720p, 480p: Good Night 2023 is a Tamil-language romantic comedy film that was released on 12 May 2023. The film is written and directed by Vinayak Chandrasekaran, who makes his debut with this film. The film stars K. Manikandan and Meetha Raghunath in the lead roles, along with Ramesh Thilak, Raichal Rabecca, Balaji Sakthivel, and Bagavathi Perumal in supporting roles. The film is produced by Million Dollar Studios and MRP Entertainment and distributed by Shakthi Film Factory.

The film centers on Mohan, a skilled IT professional, whose excessive snoring becomes a hindrance in both personal and professional aspects of his life. He develops a romantic relationship with Anu, an independent accountant who considers herself unlucky. Their bond encounters numerous obstacles arising from Mohan’s snoring issue and Anu’s sleep deprivation. The narrative revolves around their journey to surmount these challenges and discover true happiness.

Good Night (2023)

Good Night 2023 is a slice-of-life film that explores the everyday struggles and joys of ordinary people. The film portrays the characters with realism and humor, making them relatable and likable. The film also deals with the issue of sleep apnea, a common but often ignored condition that causes snoring and other health problems. The film raises awareness about this condition and its impact on one’s quality of life.

good night movie

The film highlights the importance of communication, understanding, and compromise in relationships, portraying conflicts and growth between Mohan and Anu. With a captivating plot and a mix of comedy, drama, and romance, the film offers wholesome entertainment. It includes witty dialogues, hilarious situations, and heartwarming moments, making it a delightful watch that keeps the audience engaged.

Movie NameGood Night
GenreRomantic, comedy
Directed byVinayak Chandrasekaran
Written byVinayak Chandrasekaran
Produced byYuvaraj Ganesan, Magesh Raj Pasilian, Nazerath Pasilian
Edited byBarath Vikraman
StarringK. Manikandan, Meetha Raghunath, Ramesh Thilak, Raichal Rabecca, Balaji Sakthivel, Bagavathi Perumal
CinematographyJayanth Sethu Mathavan
Production CompaniesMillion Dollar Studios, MRP Entertainment
Distributed byShakthi Film Factory
Release date12 May 2023
Budget₹ 5 crore
IMdb rating7.8/10

Good Night Movie Cast

The movie showcases a skilled ensemble of actors who deliver remarkable performances. K. Manikandan steals the spotlight with his impeccable comedic timing and captivating charm as Mohan.

Through his expressions and actions, he effortlessly brings laughter to the audience while also evoking empathy for his insecurities and challenges. With his natural and nuanced portrayal, he carries the film with ease and finesse.

K. ManikandanMohan
Meetha RaghunathAnu
Ramesh ThilakRamesh
Raichal RabeccaMohan’s elder sister
Balaji SakthivelAnu’s house owner
Bagavathi PerumalMohan’s boss

Good Night Movie Release Date and Time

Good Night was released on 12 May 2023 in theatres across India. The film received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike, who praised the film for its humour, emotion and message. The film was also appreciated for its music by Sean Roldan, cinematography by Jayanth Sethu Mathavan and editing by Barath Vikraman.

The film had a successful run at the box office, earning more than its budget within the first week of its release. The film was also screened at some international film festivals, where it received acclaim from foreign critics and viewers.

Good Night Movie Trailer

The trailer of Good Night was released on 10 April 2023 on YouTube by Think Music India, the official music partner of the film. The trailer gave a glimpse of the plot, characters and tone of the film, without revealing too much of the story.

YouTube video

The trailer showcased some funny scenes, romantic moments and dramatic twists from the film, along with some catchy songs and dialogues.

The trailer garnered a positive response from viewers, who showed keen interest and curiosity in the film. It created significant buzz on social media, with people sharing their opinions and high expectations for the film. Surpassing 10 million views in just one month, the trailer became one of the most-watched trailers of 2023.

Good Night Movie Story

The story of Good Night follows Mohan, a young IT professional who has a snoring problem that affects his life in various ways. He loses his father to alcoholism and has two sisters, one of whom marries his friend Ramesh against their family’s wishes. He works in an IT company where he faces constant humiliation from his boss and colleagues due to his limited English fluency and snoring issue. He also has trouble finding a suitable partner who can accept him for who he is.

He meets Anu, an accountant who lives alone in a house owned by an elderly couple who act as her grandparents. Anu is an orphan who lost her parents in a car accident when she was young. She considers herself unlucky and has a low self-esteem. She works hard to make ends meet and has no friends or relatives to support her.

Mohan and Anu begin dating and eventually decide to marry. However, their relationship encounters difficulties as Mohan’s snoring disrupts Anu’s sleep, impacting her health and work. Despite Anu’s attempts to manage the situation, Mohan’s snoring persists, leading to frustration and unsuccessful remedies.

Their relationship also suffers due to their different personalities and backgrounds. Mohan is a simple and honest person who values his family and friends. Anu is a reserved and independent person who does not trust anyone easily. They have misunderstandings and arguments over various issues, such as Mohan’s family, Anu’s job, their future plans, etc.

Their relationship reaches a breaking point after a tragic miscarriage, causing Mohan and Anu to drift apart. Anu considers a job offer in Dubai to escape their problems, while Mohan faces job troubles. However, they realize their love and cannot be apart. A comical encounter brings them back together, and they decide to accept each other’s flaws and strengthen their relationship. The film concludes with Anu embracing her life with Mohan, snoring and all.

Good Night Movie OTT Release Date

Good Night was released on OTT platforms on 12 June 2023, exactly a month after its theatrical release. The film was made available on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar and Zee5 for streaming and downloading.

The film received a good response from the OTT viewers, who enjoyed the film for its humour, emotion and message.

How to Watch Good Night Movie Online?

Good Night movie can be watched online on any of the OTT platforms mentioned above. To watch the film online, one needs to have a subscription or membership of the respective platform. The subscription or membership can be obtained by paying a monthly or yearly fee, depending on the plan chosen by the user.

Alternatively, one can also watch the film online by renting or buying it from platforms like YouTube Movies, Google Play Movies or iTunes Store. To rent or buy the film online, one needs to pay a one-time fee, depending on the quality and format of the film chosen by the user.

Good Night Movie Download in Hindi Filmyzilla

In 2023, Disney+ Hotstar released the movie ‘Good Night’ as a romantic comedy. It’s now available to download in Hindi on Filmyzilla.

This is a light-hearted romantic comedy that’s sure to make you laugh. It has an amazing cast and a good storyline, so it’s a great movie for a night in with the family. It has been a hit with viewers.

Is Good Night movie based on a true story?

No, Good Night movie is not based on a true story. It is a fictional story written by Vinayak Chandrasekaran, who also directed the film.

What is the meaning of the title Good Night?

The title Good Night refers to the common phrase used to wish someone a good sleep at night. It also refers to the theme of the film, which is about how snoring affects one’s sleep quality and relationship.

Who composed the music for Good Night movie?

Sean Roldan composed the music for Good Night movie. He also sang some of the songs in the film.


Good Night movie download 2023 is a romantic comedy film that deals with the issue of snoring and its impact on one’s life and relationship. The film features a talented cast of actors who deliver impressive performances, especially K. Manikandan, who plays the lead role of Mohan.

The film has a simple but engaging plot that keeps the audience hooked till the end. The film has a good balance of comedy, drama and romance, making it a wholesome entertainer. The film also has some catchy songs and dialogues that add to the charm of the film.

Good Night movie is a heartwarming film that celebrates the simple joys of life and emphasizes the significance of communication and compromises in relationships. It also highlights the impact of sleep apnea on one’s well-being. This film blends humor, introspection, and emotions, leaving you with a smile as you bid good night.

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