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DAMaN is a Odia’s Biographical Social Drama Film released on Theaters.

This movie is directed by Debi Prasad Lenka.

Ollywood is a regional film industry of Indian cinema.

It is the real life story of Dr. Omkar Hota.

Who has saved hundreds of lives in Malkangiri. 

It narrates the story of a physician sent to work in a tiny hamlet in a remote area of the Malkangiri region.

His story is the inspiration for the movie.

Ollywood heartthrob Babushaan Mohanty jetted off to Mumbai for the dubbing of his latest film Daman.

DAMaN is an acronym for Durgama Anchala re Malaria Nirakarana.

Its a measure by the government to deal with the unprecedented rise in malaria cases in a village in Orissa.

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DAMaN is Odia film industry's highest-rated movie on IMDb is now this movie.