Jacqueline Fernandez Gets Notice From Delhi Police in Rs 200 Crore Scam Case

Delhi Police postpone Jacqueline Fernandez’s interrogation in an extortion case.

Jacqueline was noticed by Delhi Police to assist in the investigation into the case of Rs 200 crore money laundering.

The actor mentioned her busy schedule for missing the summons.

A new summons has been issued to her asking her to appear in front of the Delhi Police on September 14.

This is the third summons issued by the Delhi Police for the actor.

Jacqueline had earlier written an email to Delhi Police asking them to delay her questioning.

Sukesh Chandrashekhar, a multimillionaire conman, was arrested for allegedly cheating.

He allegedly demanded money from Aditi Singh (wife of Shivinder Singh, former Ranbaxy owner)

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