Mahindra to Unveil 5 Electric SUVs in India

To mark India's Independence Day, Mahindra is unveiling five electric SUVs

All of this will be announced at an event  in Oxfordshire, UK.

According to trademark filings, Mahindra has registered eight new names for him. These are XUV-e1, XUV-e2, XUV-e3, XUV-e5, XUV-e6, XUV-e7, XUV-e8 and his XUV-e9.

The name XUV-e4 is omitted. It has not yet appeared in the leaked list.

Mahindra gave users a sneak peek at the features and interior of the new electric SUV.

The car will be launched first  in the Indian market and then abroad. These SUVs are available with different battery pack capacities  from 60 to 80 kWh.

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