Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveils Indian Navy’s new ensign

Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled the new Indian Navy flag during the commissioning of INS Vikrant in Kochi on Friday.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled his new naval ensign 'Nishan' at the Cochin Shipyards on Friday.

The new naval flag currently consists of two main components. The cantonal flag in the top left and the navy blue gold octagon in the middle of the list (away from the baton).

The new banner inspired by the seal of Maharajji, Maratha King Shivaji. And the old cross of St. George has been dropped. 

Modi described this as a liberation from the colonial burden. A blue octagon bearing the coat of arms sits on top of the anchor, surmounted by a shield bearing the naval motto.

An octagon under the shield is inscribed with the Indian Navy's motto, 'Sam No Varunah'.

According to a video released by a Navy spokesman, changing the flag is a way to ditch "the last vestiges of the colonial era."

The new naval flag, inspired by Chhatrapati Shivaji, will float in the seas and skies." Modi also said it was dedicated to the legendary King Maratha.

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