Pitchers Season 2 Review 

The web series very gently illustrates the difficulties that can arise when starting a new business.

Pitchers is a show about a couple of friends doing a start-up. 

The acting, story, music, everything about it is pretty solid.

Struggling entrepreneurs seek to establish their own identities and businesses after leaving their regular jobs.

The series is going to cover a wide variety of emotions, friendships, and relationship concerns.

TVF Pitchers is the foundation of all the web series that other TVF Originals have been following. 

Relatable, realistic and hilarious at times. 

It's a perfect combination of comedy, drama. 

You will get to know about true relationships of all kinds, learn to make big choices in life and make sacrifices. 

I recommend you to watch it as it's worth it.

It is one of the best web series produced in India is TVF Pitchers.

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