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The Santa Clauses will premiere exclusively on Disney+ on November 16, 2022.

The series will premiere exclusively on Disney+ and will have a limited number of episodes.

In order to save Christmas, Scott and his family must stop the new Santa Claus from destroying the Christmas spirit!

Scott Calvin preparing his family for a new adventure to south of the pole.

His family includes wife Carol, aka Mrs Claus, and their children Cal (Austin Kane) and 13-year-old Sandra.

Elizabeth Mitchell plays Carol Calvin (aka Mrs. Claus) in the series.

"For the good of Christmas, for the good of my family, I have decided to retire."

In all three movies, Scott's relationship with his ex-wife and son was central. 

As were his struggles to balance being Santa with being a father.

It all plays out over the six enchanting episodes with more twists and turns than any of Santa’s sleigh rides.

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