Urfi Javed photos in Bizarre Outfit

When it comes to surprising everyone with fashion, actor Urfi Javed, now known as Uorfi Javed, is at the top of the list.

She has become a social media favourite for the fashion experiments she does.

Urfi is famous/infamous for creating outfits out of rubbish or vice versa and displaying them on social media.

OTT Bigg Boss fame Urfi Javed has upped her weird fashion game yet further by wearing a shirt composed of flowers and cling paper. 

Her new appearance has now irritated netizens.

Uorfi stunned everyone when she appeared on the streets wearing nothing but a bikini and what seemed to be a fish net.

Urfi showed off her Assets like never before as she posed for the photos.

Urfi's appeal stems partly from her fashion sense.

Uorfi Javed, called Urfi, has once again drawn attention with her attire.

Needless to say, the diva has once again astounded netizens with her style experiment, with many of them taking to the comments area to express their thoughts.

Urfi's supporters, on the other hand, continued to shower her with affection.

Urfi Javed's strange photo collection is likely to have piqued your interest.

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