How to Watch The Sandman Series for Free ?

 'Sandman' has the potential to be very good, even great. This is epic fantasy at a time when epic fantasy is an everyday genre on prestige TV. 

Blending fantasy and horror, The Sandman features many dark moments in its first season.  Neil Gaiman warns Sandman's current performance doesn't guarantee season 2. 

Although the series revolves around Morpheus, the lord of dreams, the main characters are rarely seen in episodes, instead being David Thewlis' villain John Dee. 

Netflix Top 10:- 'Sandman' tops with 128 million hours played, 'Never Have I Ever' season 3 placed at second position. 

The 10-episode Sandman series premiered on Netflix on Friday, August 5th 2022. 

Sandman has been critically acclaimed, receiving many accolades for the series' fidelity to Gaiman's comics, fantastic set pieces.

The Sandman is an undeniable success for Netflix and it still has a lot to say….

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