Liger Movie Review

A story about martial arts, dreams and star crossed lovers. 

Liger is an MMA fighter who trains hard and rises up the ranks with one goal in mind, to fight like his idol, world renowned MMA fighter Mark Anderson and get noticed by him.

A chai wala from Mumbai wants to make it big in the sport of MMA. But when he falls in love, his life takes a turn.

Liger fails to leave a mark because there’s simply no innovativeness in the way it’s written.

The film revolves around this young guy, Liger (Vijay) and his widowed mother Balamani (Ramya Krishnan).

They have come from Telangana to Mumbai because she wants to see her son become a national MMA champion. 

His dialogues, especially because he stammers, might be a hit-and-miss but the actor sure brings sincerity to his role.

Ananya Panday looks cute but there’s clearly a lot of improvement to be done when it comes to acting. 

It’s ironic that Liger is asked to focus multiple times in the film, but the script itself lacks the same focus. 

Vijay deserved better, so did we. As the filmmakers promised, watt laga diya, but not in a good way.

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